2023 NCA Leadership Conference: Call for Abstracts 


Abstract Submission Deadline: September 15, 2022

National Children’s Alliance (NCA) is soliciting abstracts for presentations at 2023 Leadership Conference, planned as a hybrid event June 5-8, 2023. The in-person conference will take place in Washington, DC. Abstracts will be considered if received by September 15, 2022. The target audience for this conference is comprised of administrators, coordinators, and board members of Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs), State Chapters, and multidisciplinary teams. We encourage presenters with expertise relevant to the target audience from diverse backgrounds to submit abstracts for presentation

2023 Abstract Submission Guidelines 

The 2023 NCA Leadership Conference will be a hybrid event. All accepted submissions will be required to present the materials in-person in Washington, DC during the conference in addition to pre-recording their session in the spring of 2023. 

There will be two workshop time blocks this year. Each workshop session will either be 60 or 90 minutes. When submitting your session, please choose the session time you prefer for the content you have to present. Times can not be guaranteed, but NCA will try to accommodate your preferred time frame. 

In keeping with our tradition of peer education and mentoring, selected presenters are asked to donate their time and expenses as a personal contribution to Children’s Advocacy Centers and the children they serve. If  presenters are interested in attending the full conference, NCA will offer a discounted registration. 

Important Note: Your proposal must be submitted at one time. Once you start the proposal submission, you cannot go back and edit it. Please gather all of the required information listed below before submitting your proposal. 

The following is required to submit your proposal:

1. Title of Presentation (90 characters or less): The program title is your first opportunity to invite attendees to your presentation. An effective title encourages the reader to review the abstract.

2. Workshop Time Block Preference: There will be two workshop time blocks this year. Each workshop session will either be 60 or 90 minutes. Please choose the session time you prefer for the content you have. Times can not be guaranteed, but NCA will try to accommodate your preferred time frame.

3. Short Program Abstract (400 characters or less): The short abstract is a concise description of your workshop that provides the reader with a short summary of what the presentation will cover. It will be included in conference materials. 

4. Description of Proposed Workshop (4000 characters or less): The program description provides a detailed look at the content of the proposed workshop for the abstract committee to evaluate your proposal. A complete description includes background information, an overview of the presentation, and strategies for how you will engage in-person and virtual attendees. If the program is reporting research, include a description of methods, findings, and recommendations.

5. Conference Track: You can select up to 2 tracks per presentation. (see below for more information on tracks) 

6. Learning Objectives: Each session must have 3-5 clearly defined learning objectives to help attendees make informed decisions about their learning needs.

7. Learning Level: You must select a learning level for your presentation. (Beginner: 0-2 years experience in role, Intermediate: 2-5 years experience in role, Experienced Leader: 5+ years experience in role, and Appropriate for Learners of all Levels) 

8. Supported Research: If your submission is research supported, you will be asked to attach research/references. 

9. Presenter Information: You will be asked to submit Name, Title, Organization, Address, Email, Phone Number, and Bio for each presenter. In addition, you will be asked to submit your CV/resume. 

*You will also be asked to confirm that you will present in-person and pre-record your session. 

Abstracts will not be considered if all of the guidelines are not followed and if not received by September 15, 2022. Abstracts will not be returned. The NCA Abstract Selection Committee will review all submitted abstracts, score the abstracts, and NCA will select presentations that meet the training needs of attendees and create a well-rounded agenda.

2023 Conference Tracks:

Advocacy and Communication: Sessions that offer creative public policy ideas, hard-hitting awareness campaigns, and tested communication practices.

  • Submission ideas for this track: Legislative strategy sessions, Cultural awareness for advocacy, Innovative advocacy practices, Awareness campaigns, Relationship building with local legislatures, Finding and securing different public funding streams, Relationship/coalition building with victim services advocacy partners 

Chapter: Sessions for State Chapter Leaders Board Members and Staff related to innovative, statewide initiatives, and management and leadership

  • Submission ideas for this track: Chapter growth planning, How to fundraise for your chapter, Data collection, Chapter and statewide approaches to hot topics, Chapter benefits offered to memberships, How to engage your board

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Sessions that cover content to improve the CAC response serves a diverse population, achieving equitable results through an inclusive CAC setting.

  • Submission ideas for this track: Working with neurodiversity, Taking DEI philosophy into practice, Socioeconomic status and barriers to care, Steps to creating an equitable workplace, Understanding LGBTQIA identities, Anti-racist workshops, Culture sensitivity, Working with children with disabilities 

Research and Innovative Practices: Sessions that provide innovative ways to apply direct-services practices in child welfare, mental health, and victim advocacy

  • Submission ideas for this track: How to critically assess research, Why peer review is important, Trauma informed care and leadership, Prevention education and tools, Animal-assisted therapy, Forensic interviewing, ACES, Partnerships with universities for research

Rural: Sessions for our Rural CAC leaders that focus on the unique sustainability and programmatic challenges, and opportunities that Rural CACs face

  • Submission ideas for this track: How to maintain your CAC with little resources and small budgets, Mobile services, How to navigate barriers in rural CACs 

The Business of Child Advocacy: Sessions that will inspire CAC leaders and enhance meaningful engagement with stakeholders (donors and employees) on an ongoing basis.  Sessions should be tailored to teach and share tactics for successful fundraising, creative marketing, lessons in leadership, community engagement, and changing and adapting to culture shifts in the workplace.  

  • Submission ideas for this track: Fundraising plan development, Creating and sustaining a major gifts program or giving society, Developing communication plans, Engaging with the community through training opportunities, Board engagement, Leadership opportunities for middle management, How has your CAC adapted to culture shifts and what are the outcomes, How to write and track grants, How to grow a volunteer program, Successful MDT collaboration,  Mass violence response and recovery, How to create a succession plan, How to plan for growth and sustainability, Dealing with staff burnout

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 15, 2022

 Submit your 2023 abstract here!

Questions? Reach out to leadershipconference@nca-online.org I 202-548-0090 x118