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This page is a one-stop shop for Children’s Advocacy Centers and State Chapters seeking accreditation or reaccreditation. Most of the information on this page is aimed at CACs; the process, however, is the same for Chapters. If you have questions, contact us at

Accreditation is the highest level of membership that a CAC can achieve as a part of NCA’s nationwide network. It is a rigorous process that ensures quality evidence-based services are being provided by CACs for children and families according to NCA’s National Standards of Accreditation. For more information about what accreditation means and why it is important, view our video on The Importance of Accreditation

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And share our video on The Importance of Accreditation for MDT Members with your multidisciplinary team to help them understand how CAC accreditation can benefit them in their work. 

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Three of our best resources to get you ready for accreditation or reaccreditation under the 2023 National Standards of Accreditation for CACs are our May 2023 webinarAccreditation Bootcamp 2.0, and our Getting to Know the 2023 Standards Webinar. The May webinar, Preparing for NCA Accreditation and Reaccreditation, is free to NCA members and details the Accreditation application, submission timelines, and what to expect during your site visit. Accreditation Bootcamp 2.0 is a free, self-paced video training series produced with help from experts in all 10 disciplines for our mandatory Standards and all three of our Optional Standards areas. Getting to Know the 2023 Standards is a recorded series with in-depth information on putting the Standards into practice.

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