Outcome Measurement System (OMS)

The Outcome Measurement System (OMS) is one of the most requested and widely used membership benefits provided by National Children’s Alliance. Developed in Texas in 2009 and then offered by NCA to CACs in other states starting in 2012, its success demonstrates the growing need for a unified system for evaluating CACs on an individual, state, and national level. OMS provides the opportunity for each CAC to not only measure their own performance but also benchmark themselves against the field through local, state, regional, and national reports. Hundreds of centers across all 50 states (and a growing number of international locations) have used OMS to give families and team members a voice in the CAC process, which in turn allows centers to demonstrate their success and find areas for improvement.

OMS allows CACs to report on survey items designed to capture two measurable outcomes:

  1. The CAC facilitates healing for children and caregiver.
  2. The MDT approach results in more collaborative and efficient case investigations.

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NCA joined the Center for Victim Research on their podcast series, Tell Us About It, to discuss the impact of the OMS program on Children’s Advocacy Centers and the families and team members sharing their voices through this program. Listen to the podcast now.


OMS Training


OMS Brochure

This two-page brochure highlights how CACs use the OMS program to collect feedback from families and team members, and use results to demonstrate impact and continuously improve services.

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Healing, Justice, and Trust Brief

This two-page brief highlights how the CAC model works, its successful outcomes, the momentum of our movement, and the need for continued and expanded support to CACs serving child victims of abuse.

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