Emerging Issues & Trends CSEC Webinar Series

Recorded On: 06/29/2020

New from the National Children’s Alliance Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Collaborative Work Group (CSEC CWG): a series of webinars about emerging issues and trends in cases involving child pornography and sexual images of children. This series is designed to help Children’s Advocacy Centers and their multidisciplinary team partners

Alexandra “Ale” Levi

Forensic Interview Specialist, Homeland Security Investigations

Ale Levi is the lead Forensic Interview Specialist (FIS), for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and has conducted well over 5000 victim interviews.   Ms. Levi is an LCSW and holds her Masters in Social Work and Forensic Psychology. She has worked in the area of child abuse/exploitation since 1998.  In 2009, Ms. Levi became the first FIS for HSI and established guidelines and protocols for the HSI Forensic Interview Program.  She works with all victims of crime, focusing on child exploitation; cyber and technology facilitate crimes, human trafficking and transnational sex offender cases.  Ms. Levi’s travels both domestically and internationally conducting forensic interviews and trainings in English and Spanish.  In addition Ms. Levi is an associate with the National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College.  

Beth Bouchard

SEEN Program Manager, Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County

Beth Bouchard is the Associate Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County in Boston, MA. As Program Manager of the CAC’s Support to End Exploitation Now program, Beth has coordinated a collaborative, interagency response for over 700 at-risk and commercially sexually exploited youth.  Working daily with law enforcement, the Office of the Suffolk County District Attorney, the MA Department of Children and Families, juvenile justice providers, and community partners, SEEN navigates state and local systems to ensure each child referred receives a coordinated multidisciplinary intervention. Beth provides training and outreach, case consultation, and supports SEEN’s data collection efforts. Her professional background includes advocacy, project management, and coordination of victims’ services for adult and child survivors of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human trafficking, as well as undocumented youth and refugee minors.

Donna Mixner

Victim Specialist, FBI

Donna Mixner, is a native of North Carolina.  She earned her B.S. in Social Work and Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts, Education Counseling degree,  from East Carolina University.  She has also earned a Masters of Criminal Justice, from Boston University.   She is dually licensed, as a Professional Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has been working in direct victim services for more than 20 years.  She began her career in Victim Services at the Counseling Center, Camp LeJeune, NC, as a Victim Advocate in the Family Assistance Program, working closely with CID and NCIS.  She came to the Richmond Division of the FBI in 2004, where she works with victims of any federal crime.   She has extensive experience working violent crimes against children, human trafficking, bank robberies, and complex financial crimes.  She also is a member of the FBI Victim Services Response Team, and has responded to multiple mass casualty events.

John Pizzuro

Commander of the New Jersey Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

John Pizzuro has 24 years, experience from the New Jersey State Police and in that role is The Commander of the New Jersey Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. In addition, to running a task force and overseeing 70 affiliate law enforcement agencies. John Pizzuro has successfully investigated, managed and supervised; Internet Crimes against Children, child exploitation, fraud involving non-profit and financial institutions, bribery, corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, organized crime, racketeering, homicide, terrorism, international narcotics and human trafficking.

As a result this extensive investigative experience has provided him with a unique perspective on human behavior, and a deep understanding of the pressure that is experienced by law enforcement, their families and the public. 

John Pizzuro is certified as a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and has an M.A. in Human Resource Development and Training. He frequently speaks to organizations and audiences on the stress that impacts the law enforcement community. John Pizzuro teaches about personal development, leadership, technology, communication and high impact performance. He inspires, motivates, and empowers audiences to transform their lives by altering their thinking.

Martha Finnegan

Supervisory Child/Adolescent Forensic Interviewer

FBI Victim Services Division

Martha J. Finnegan is a Supervisory Child/Adolescent Forensic Interviewer (CAFI) for the FBI’s Victim Services Division.  As a CAFI, Ms. Finnegan conducts victim interviews and/or helps agents locate qualified interviewers in their area.  Types of violations where Ms. Finnegan’s interviewing skills are utilized include, but are not limited to, cyber exploitation, human trafficking, abduction, and mass casualty events/terrorism cases. Ms. Finnegan is also available to provide expert testimony, technical assistance and training to FBI personnel, U.S. Attorneys, and other federal, state local, and international agencies in the areas of forensic interviewing of victims of abuse and exploitation.

Before coming to the FBI, Ms. Finnegan worked at Children’s Hospital Center for Child Protection in San Diego, CA and at APRI’s National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse.

Ms. Finnegan has published an article entitled Creating and Administering a Kids Court Program and is co-author of an article entitled The Use of Anatomical Diagrams in Child Sexual Abuse Forensic Interviews. She also authored a guide for FBI agents entitled Investigative Interviews of Adolescent Victims and co-authored an article entitled Interviewing Compliant Adolescent Victims. Ms. Finnegan also co-authored an article on presenting evidence in forensic interviews entitled A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Incorporating Child Pornography Images in the Forensic Interview.

Michele Mullen

Training Specialist, Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center

Michele Mullen, LCSW is a Training Specialist with the Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center. Michele provides training and technical assistance to developing and established CACs and MDTs in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Michele joined NRCAC in September 2014 after 17 years with Norfolk Advocates for Children, a child advocacy center in partnership with the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts. In addition to CSEC Training, Michele provides training on Multidisciplinary Team Development, Victim Advocacy, Vicarious Trauma, and National Children's Alliance Standards for Accreditation. 


Technology-Facilitated Human Trafficking: Current Issues & Trends
Recorded 06/29/2020
Recorded 06/29/2020 With the governmental shutdown of Backpage, the main site for human trafficking closed. Unfortunately, within days the ads shifted to multiple other websites. This presentation will provide examples of several of those different websites and how those sites work. The use of Darknet networks will also be examined. The presentation will highlight two different tools available for law enforcement for conducting systematic investigations into multiple websites. Finally, the presentation with provide details on the different types of technology evidence that may be used to corroborate disclosures in human trafficking cases.
Technology-Facilitated Human Trafficking: Current Issues & Trends Webinar Feedback Survey
9 Questions
CACs & Federal Partners: Working Together on CSEC Cases
Recorded 01/23/2020  |  90 minutes
Recorded 01/23/2020  |  90 minutes This webinar will discuss the collaboration among CACs, FBI and HSI on CSEC cases. The discussion will include: how referrals are made with federal partners and CACs, information sharing, collaboration among victim advocates, successful case examples and challenges faced. The forensic interviewing guidelines will be shared, including the discussion of presenting evidence during interviews. Participants will hear from a CAC serving CSEC victims, FBI forensic interviewer and victim advocate and HSI forensic interviewer.
CACs & Federal Partners: Working Together on CSEC Cases Webinar Feedback Survey
9 Questions
Building Resiliency for Multidisciplinary Team Members working with Exploited and Abused Children
Recorded 12/04/2019  |  90 minutes
Recorded 12/04/2019  |  90 minutes This webinar will address the impact of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue on multidisciplinary team members working in the child abuse field. The emphasis will be to (1) Identify signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue; (2) Discuss strategies to strengthen individual resilience; (3) Highlight organizational strategies.
Building Resiliency for MDTs working with Exploited and Abused Children Webinar Feedback Survey
9 Questions
Youth-Produced Imagery: Trends & Response Webinar
Recorded 11/05/2019
Recorded 11/05/2019 The New Jersey Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force will discuss the current trends law enforcement is seeing in youth-produced imagery including victim demographics and methods offenders are using to entice children. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) will share new initiatives and assistance for victims of child sexual exploitation images and videos. NCMEC and partners are bridging the gap for victims — bringing technology and industry together to help remove these images from circulation online and change the narrative on the nature of the distribution of exploitation imagery.
Youth-Produced Imagery: Trends & Response Webinar Feedback Survey
9 Questions
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