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This is your home for the most frequently accessed and requested resources exclusively for NCA members. Think of it as a combination hardware store and FAQ page, where your questions pop off the page as tools you can use! If you're looking for your NCA Accredited Member Badge, the BrandFolder, access to sign up for our newsletters with fresh content on research and practice, and other resource emails, you've come to the right place! And if you're not finding what you need here, you can always get in touch

Key resources
Here's everything your CAC peers request most often. 
  • Access to the BrandFolder and your Accredited Member Badge
    Contact us at to get your dedicated login for the brandfolder and the Accredited Member Badge or logo.
  • NCA Learning Center: explore the e-learning section of NCA Engage! 
  • Collaborative Work Groups (CWGs): Join our national, peer-led Collaborative Work Groups where you and other experts work to develop innovative projects that uplift the entire movement. Learn more and sign up.
  • One in Ten Podcast: Join us for episodes of NCA's podcast, where Teresa interviews the foremost experts working with you to solve the greatest challenge facing one in ten of our children: child abuse. 
  • From the CEO's Desk Monday Newsletters:  Receive the latest research happening in the world of child welfare every Monday to your inbox.  Contact our membership department to subscribe -
  • CALiO: Child Abuse Library Online is a service of National Children’s Advocacy Center. Contact Digital Information Librarian, Muriel K. Wells for access -
  • NCA/CAC Style Guide: Our CAC movement glossary, helping you find the right words to describe the complex ideas in our field.
  • Annual Report: The basic facts, figures, and stories about and behind our movement.

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Making the most of your membership

Watch this video to get a refresh on how to Elevate Your Game, Amplify Your Voice, Share Your Expertise, and Increate Your Impact!


Welcome to the NCA Membership Engagement Resource page! It's a new way to experience your membership with NCA. We recognize how busy you are serving families so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access your member resources and do your vital work.

Visit this one-stop shop page and bookmark it, to find key links to resources, handle NCA membership requirements, ask questions regarding your membership, and especially to tell us about YOU! Our movement thrives on stories of how you are making a difference in your community one child at a time. So, it's not bragging on yourself! It's critical to tell our common story. 

As always, thank you for the amazing work you do to help children and families heal.

Teresa Huizar, Executive Director, NCA 

Your responsibilities as a member


Everything you need to know to be an NCA member in good standing, and resources to help

Your NCA membership comes with lots of benefits, but it also comes with some responsibilities, like critical incident reporting, keeping your Center contact current, filing your affidavit of standards compliance, and more. Here's a helpful refresher of those responsibilities, and links to the resources you need to manage them.

NCA Member Responsibilities

  • Member Guidelines (includes membership dues and accreditation fees): Understanding NCA policies and procedures helps you more effectively navigate your membership responsibilities.
  • Membership Profile Form - update your center's Contact Information:  Keep your center contact information updated with us so that you don't miss out on any important communications or opportunities. Look out for a quarterly reminder from us about this in the Open Forum of NCA Engage.  
  • Affidavit of Standards Compliance Form: As an Accredited center, you are required to submit a completed affidavit.  This document serves as verification of your continued commitment to NCA Accreditation Standards. The primary contact of each accredited CAC will receive an email request in March to submit.   
  • Expiring Associate Member: There are instances when an Associate Developing member is not quite ready to transition from an Associate Member to an Accredited member after having been an Associate member with NCA for 5 years. In this case, an Associate member may request to have a 1-year extension on their Associate membership. Please reference the Member Guidelines document to review the full policy.
  • Critical Incident Report & Policy:  Accredited centers must notify NCA of certain critical incidents occurring at or involving your Children’s Advocacy Centers (CAC).
  • Third Party Complaint Policy:  From time to time, third parties such as community members, parents, and government agencies contact NCA stating that an accredited Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is not operating in a satisfactory manner, in accordance with our National Standards for Accreditation.  
  • NCA Policy on Member Structure:  Review the policies concerning various member structures.
  • Annual Membership Dues:  Every dollar of your dues is well spent strengthening your work and supporting your critical mission. We truly appreciate the investment you make in your membership with us, which is truly an investment in the CAC movement.  Invoices for membership dues are emailed to the primary contact at the beginning of each year.
  • Accreditation Fees:  Accreditation fees cover all costs associated with the accreditation application.  Work with our accreditation department to determine the fee level applicable to you.
    NCATrak Fees:  If you have a subscription for NCAtrak, you will receive an invoice from our accounting department each year. The Initial Year fee for NCAtrak is $3,100 (including tuition for security officer training and up to 3 hours of technical support) and each year after there is an annual renewal amount of $2,100.   
  • Semiannual Statistics: Your statistical submissions help us count the number of kids we serve and who they are, allowing us to make the case for the efficacy of CACs and the need for adequate resources. Statistics submission is due July 15th for January to June statistics and January 15th for July to December statistics. For more information, contact Please review the NCA Statistical Data Instructions for information on statistics submission
  • NCA Member Census: Your Census submission helps everyone understand the scope, accomplishments, and needs of the CAC movement. Contact the Membership Department for additional information, at
  • Manage your Grant - Review information about the current grantee guidelines. Find form templates, grant year timelines, and additional technical assistance documents that you will need to successfully administer your current NCA grant. Sign in at the below link, often, throughout the grant year for updates and resources.

Manage your grant using the Electronic Grantee Handbook - Contact your assigned Program Associate for the handbook password. 

Access your Member Resource Pages 

Get easy access to the in-demand NCA member resource pages with one click!  Each page is designed to bring all of the information to you, related to a specific topic, quickly.   View each resource by category, below:



"I take great pride in advocating for our membership, and working with our CACs and Chapters. Striking the right chord with elected officials to secure the federal dollars we need to help kids is my passion." 

Denise Edwards, Director of Government Affairs, NCA on #ThePowerOfUs 

Membership Training Videos

  • Contains 2 Component(s)

    Satellite membership is a great option for rural/remote CACs that truly lack local resources, and could benefit from having the resources and guidance of a Host Accredited Center.

    Satellite membership is a great option for rural/remote CACs that truly lack local resources, and could benefit from having the resources and guidance of a Host Accredited Center.  Learn about the Satellite membership requirements and how these convenient  locations can provide services to children and families where they live.

    Sarah Coker-Robinson

    Senior Program Associate for Member Engagement

    National Children's Alliance

    Sarah Coker-Robinson is the Senior Program Associate for Member Engagement.  Her background is in political science and paralegal studies, but she has also had some experience in the non-profit world, working with undeserved youth in Wilmington, DE.  She started at NCA in 2015, working in the Grants department then moved to the Membership department playing an integral role in the review process for Associate, Affiliate, and Satellite membership applications, as well as helping members gain access to all member benefits, including our social platform + learning tool - NCA Engage!

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Share with us how you are creatively making a difference in the lives of the families and children you serve in your community – what programs have you instituted, tools you’ve created, resources you’ve provided through your organization that you want to tell us about?  The power of you aligned with the best in us drives legislation, inspires research, creates awareness, marshals resources, and amplifies a single-minded voice that commands better outcomes, safer communities, and more empowered people.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your membership, we want to know about that, too, because the willingness to constantly re-evaluate our practices is innovation.


I'm not a member, but I do have questions about becoming one!


Do you have questions about membership with NCA?  Good, because we're here to answer them!  Take a look at the resources we have for you regarding membership, then contact our Senior Program Associate for Member Engagement, Sarah Coker-Robinson, at

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National Children’s Alliance (NCA) is a professional membership organization on a mission to make one big difference, one child at a time. Reaching everyone with a voice in eradicating abuse—from families, advocates, partner agencies, communities, researchers, and all the way to Capitol Hill—our members power a national movement to keep children safe. Featuring the largest network of care centers support child abuse victims in the country, NCA is a model in outcome-driven collaboration.

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NCA offers four different levels of membership, each designed to meet the varying needs of communities and Children’s Advocacy Centers, while still offering the same level of outstanding leadership and guidance to all. It pays to be an NCA member. How much, exactly? Find out!

Annual Membership Dues and Requirements
Accredited - $600   
Associate/Developing - $400 
Affiliate - $400  
Satellite - $400  

Accreditation Contacts
Apply for Accredited Membership
Alyson MacKenzie, Accreditation Director

Alyssa Todd,  Accreditation Coordinator

Natalie Castillo, Accreditation Program Associate


Membership Contact
Apply for Associate, Affiliate, or Satellite Membership
Sarah Coker-Robinson,  Senior Program Associate for Member Engagement
Email: or
Phone: (202) 548-0090 ext. 127