Recently Added

  • Update on the Latest and Finding Funds to Bridge the Gap

    This webinar will give an update on where things stand on the VOCA Fix legislation, and discuss different opportunities to find funds that can supplement or fill in the gaps from VOCA cuts

  • Children’s Advocacy Center-Military Case Review

    In this webinar, participants will learn about NCA's case review standard, the importance of coordinated CAC-military case review, and strategies for effective, military-inclusive CAC case review. The live event will include opportunity for Q and A.

  • 2020 NCA Member Census: Key Takeaways for CACs

    Every two years, NCA conducts a Member Census to determine the current scope of CAC services and remaining needs in the field. We are grateful to the 791 CACs who completed the 2020 NCA Member Census and our partners at the State Chapters and Regional CACs who made this possible. In this webinar, we will share the results of the data, including an overview of key findings and trends compared to previous years. We will also provide a roadmap of how to put these results into action to guide local, state, regional, and national priorities for the coming years.

  • Victim Support and Advocacy for Military Families

    This webinar will help Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) and military partners understand the different and complimentary roles of the military Family Advocacy Program (FAP) clinician and the CAC family advocate. Participants will learn about the NCA victim advocacy and support standard for accredited centers and hear how one CAC-FAP partnership coordinates advocacy and support services for military families.

  • OMS Winter 2021 Training Series

    Learn to implement the OMS program at Children’s Advocacy Centers, including the purpose and benefits of the program, recommendations for distributing surveys to families and team members, and ways to use OMS results for local, state, regional, and national initiatives.