• Youth With Problematic Sexual Behaviors

    As Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) continue to evolve in their engagement with children, families, and communities, the question of how to address youth with problematic sexual behaviors has come to the forefront. National Children’s Alliance (NCA) believes that CACs are well-suited to effectively serve communities in the response to problematic sexual behaviors. NCA created this online training resource to provide CACs with the tools to get started in providing a robust community-based response that will not only help keep children and families safe and healthy, but will also create opportunities to improve multidisciplinary team function and for CACs to position themselves as leaders nationwide on an often difficult and complex topic. This course will provide an overview of youth with problematic sexual behaviors, discuss the CAC coordinated response, present the characteristics of evidence-based mental health treatment for problematic sexual behaviors, and provide guidance on engaging community stakeholders. It aims to dispel myths and misconceptions about youth with problematic sexual behaviors and to help CACs understand that they can and should serve this population.

  • COVID-19 and CACs: Triaging Cases and Planned Shutdowns

    How should CACs, an essential community service around the nation, respond to the coronavirus outbreak?

  • Tele-Forensic Interviewing: Research, Practice, and NCA Guidance

    With the arrival of COVID-19, forensic interviewers across the nation are looking for innovative ways to safely conduct forensic interviews. Tele-forensic interviewing has come to the forefront as a viable and defensible option. In this webinar panel hosted by NCA’s Teresa Huizar, researcher Jason Dickinson and interviewers Crimson Barocca and Leyla Sandler will inform attendees on the field’s latest developments. The webinar will provide guidance on MDT decision-making and how-to prepare clinically and technologically for the tele-forensic interview in CAC and non-CAC environments.

  • Accreditation Bootcamp – 2017 EDITION

    Accreditation Bootcamp is designed to provide an overview of the accreditation process, provide participants with a framework for developing their application, and help them understand what to expect during a site visit.

  • Prevention During COVID-19

    This webinar offers a panel discussion from your CAC and Chapter peers across the country, sharing their innovative projects and strategies that focus on child safety and prevention during this difficult time. Join us to learn how CACs in rural, suburban, and urban areas are engaging teachers and other community members to keep an eye on children during a dangerous time of isolation.